Sunday, April 16, 2017

How to help your child prepare for an entrance exam?

Now, I'm on a mission to help my child get through Kindergarten without putting so much pressure on her.

How am I going to do that?

When Gaby took an entrance examination for Nursery 1, I was confident that she could make it. I was teaching her alphabet, numbers, to shapes and colors since she's 2 years old.

Now that the school year 1 has ended and she's embarking into another level this coming June, I know that I should better get her prepared before March 2018 (that's the usual month they conduct the Kindergarten examination). I know I'm quite freakish but the reason behind my anxious feeling is when I found out that a child of my friend who was in Nursery 2, who went to the same school as my child, did not pass the exam. Which means that they're in search for another school. I know that the child got better grades, she has A's and that she got perfect scores during the quarterly examination.

More than that, I don't want to be pushy when the time gets near because I believe that the more relax she is, the more she will be in her present self. Besides they will be reviewing as well in school.

Finding Study Resources

To better equip Gaby, I am reviewing her in some things that I found online. I got a pointer that the test is more on logic. With the use of internet, I was searching for some worksheets that I can use at home.
This is a School Sudoku Worksheet downloaded from

One worksheet a day would be enough and then we can have a not-so-formal conversation any time of the day wherein we can review the lessons.

Making Study More Fun

Sometimes the child refuses to study because the lesson may seem boring. For us parents to make their study time more effective is to make it fun. We have to be strategic to engaged them in such a way that they can learn. Even if it means pretending that we have so much energy in it though we're not in the mood.

Family Participation

Taking turn is a fun way of answering questions, me and my husband would pretend we're students too. Like I will ask a question wherein everyone will have to participate.


I found some cool interactive games online which is fun and at the same time educating. This course helps her understand how to solve the issue and finding flaws with the given answer.
This is from, Gaby is already on the stage 5 of Course 1, level 8 of Maze Debugging.

This can be a good start to find out if your child has some interest in programming as well. Since Gaby doesn't know how to read more than 5-letter words, I let her try course 1 about 4 times already and she's enjoying it.