Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ethical Practices to Teach Your One Year Old Child

Our little Gabster is already a copycat, she mimics what you talk though she could hardly speaks it well and follow what you're doing. One night I applied facial cleanser, upon seeing she gets her own cotton ball and rubbed it on her face. At her stage I tried to be cautious in everything on what she sees, what she hears and act.

As much as I want Gaby to be gentle in all ways, I'm taking great care on the things that has power in influencing my child like television, internet and the way people talk and act around her. I preferred her watching cartoon or pleasant movies that is not just entertaining but has moral values. So when my hubby turns on the TV to watch morbid movies , I'll bring Gaby upstairs or outside to let her play. If not I'll ask him to just turn it off or watch it when Gaby is asleep. I really don't know why boys love to watch action and war themed movies.

A one year old child is already capable of learning simple practices which has great impact to their attitude and characteristics in later life. Because the more you practice it to them, the more they'll absorb it and make it a habit. They are like empty sponges. So here are some of the ethical practices we're teaching her at home.
  1. Pagmamano and kiss. 
    It has been deeply rooted in us Filipinos to kiss the hand of our elders, which we call #pagmamano. Pagmamano is an act of respecting your elders. And kiss has been adopted for modern style of living. But we're combining both.
  2. Say grace before meal. 
    Since Gaby doesn't know how to pray yet, we let her do the sign of the cross.
  3. Say thank you. 
    Parents played a vital role to our children not just in taking care of them but also in developing their positive attitude towards life. Because Gaby still stammers, we make it a habit to say thank you if the situation requires it. Just like when I ask her to give me something.
  4. Say sorry
    Saying sorry to your child when you make mistakes doesn't make you less of a person. Instead this gives her an impression that it's okay to make mistakes at times as long as we recognize it and learn to apologize and make up for the hurt that we've caused.
  5. Say the magic word "Please".Saying please means we're not bossy. And as a role model to our children we should practice and show it to them when it is appropriate, through this we encourage them to do the same.