Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fussy Eater Toddler to Eat-All Healthy Food Toddler

Since my 2 years old daughter gave up breastfeeding, I observe that she's not depending on her milk. She does not demand for milk instead she's asking for snacks in between meal periods and before bedtime. She's just consuming 2-3 glasses of milk a day.

Some kids opted to drink milk even when they are hungry because it's much easier and faster to do. Milk dependent child are usually picky eaters. It is very common for toddlers to have various food preferences that varies from healthy food choices to unhealthy ones.

My child once has unhealthy food choice. Every morning after going out of bed, she will ask for chocolates, and wouldn't be contented with one but more. After she finishes one bar of chocolate, she will be asking for more until lunch time to which she no longer eat our meal because she's already full. Then I figured it out that this is not good.

I was slowly changing her habit by buying packs of crackers and fruits. I don't bring her to a "sari-sari" store anymore because she will be seeing various snacks. Narrowing food choices will give them no reason to eat what was being offered to them specially if they sees you eating.

Parents and siblings help shape the child's preference of eating healthy foods. If the child sees parents eating and enjoying vegetables, there's a greater possibility that the toddler will follow through. Let them see every meal time that the table has healthy servings of food.

Let them participate in preparing healthy snacks. Once you let your child participate in mashing, cutting and arranging snacks, they will likely eat it. Children likes attractive and colorful foods, so be creative during the food platting.

Some toddlers prefer their food smooth or some crunchy, so prepare foods according to their taste and texture like mash potatoes, steam banana cake, or give them a slice of carrot.