Thursday, May 25, 2017

Regrowing Vegetables from Kitchen Scraps

Bell Pepper Sprouts.

Do you know the joy it brings when you pick fresh vegetables right from your own backyard? I do. My father loves to plant vegetables, root crops, and even flowers. Yes, flowers! And it was my duty watering the plants back then. I was his sidekick.

Since living in the city would mean buying everything, After giving birth, I am determined to plant my own veggies in a pot. I started planting lemongrass, which I bought from my neighbor. Then it started growing and growing and then one day I found out that it withers, and then dies. But that did not stop me.

The tomato seeds I spread on the pot suffered the same fate. :(

Last December, my husband planted his falcata seeds which he bought from Mindanao during his field work. We bought one sack of gardening soil from a nearby garden that sells flowers and herbs. The falcata plants did not go well, more than 60% of what my husband planted died.

Kangkong starting to grow.
Then just recently, I realized we have enough soil to plant again. I saved all my kitchen scraps from the vegetables I got from the market for our dinner. Above is my Kangkong, which I'm hoping will survive. And the bell peppers and Ampalaya (bitter gourd) which I'm planning to transplant this weekend which I will be sharing with you.