Monday, September 8, 2014

Motorcycle Safety Checklist for Our Child

It is our responsibility as parents to ensure our child's safety. And upon ensuring those we sometimes overlook and tend to forget that what we are up to is safety and not practicality.  This happens to a bunch of things involving our daily lives and one of those is choosing the right mode of transportation.

My partner and I are currently discussing to get a motorcycle. This gives him the satisfying idea that we can go anywhere we want to be. Road trips are not as dull as it seems, motorcycle resembles adventurous rides.
But thinking of Gaby's safety, this is a no-go for her. This is restricted for adults only with the right gear. I often saw a lot of parents letting their child ride a motorcycle. Not just toddlers but including babies and I simply detest it. I would like to address my concern to babies whose lives are being put at risk and to parents who neglected the safety of their child. We don't have the power to bring back lives, and for us to prevent accidents to happen let us be mindful that motorcycles requires safety measures.

There's no excuse as to whether you were just tempted and excited to let them experience the ride or it's the cheapest way to get to another places, like bringing your child to school etc. Motorcycle driving requires skillful control to speed, balance and focus to avoid collision. But how can you focus on driving and on the road when your passenger is a toddler who could barely put her arm around your waist? Not the mention the bugs or any other objects that might hit your child. No matter how small it is when you are riding, its impact is greater.

Here are safety checklist questions to run through before letting your child your co-rider:

  • Is your child tall enough to reach the footrest? 
  • Do they have proper protective gear, including helmet that fits?
  • Is your child mature enough to understand when brief about how to ride safely?