Monday, May 5, 2014

Gaby's First Beach Experience

What is summer without getting tan? Since last Sunday is my hubby's company outing, we went out together, with Gaby hitting the beach. We were so excited knowing it's Gaby's first beach experience as to what will be her reaction to the water. She was having fun as we get there, on the reception area she danced to the beat of the music. She was kinda afraid when they were splashing the water with her father. She needs an assurance that her father  will hold her tightly.

What she loves most is playing the sand. It's a wonderful sensory activity for toddlers during summer. But we should watch our babies carefully, since with our Gabster's age, she has the tendency to eat everything that she holds. 

She was energetic the whole day. Who would feel so lazy and spoil the day with such a good weather?