Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Basic of Potty Training

How to potty train your child? Ours was never planned. The hot humid weather condition forced me to stop using diaper even at night to avoid getting diaper rashes. It's been four weeks since we let Gaby sleep without it.
I found her one morning scratching her bottom part to find red spots are there. It's not because of spoiled diapers, I always see to it that she regularly changes her diaper, when it's full with urine or when she poops. It's because of the weather condition that we are recently experiencing.
I even tried fitting it loosely but it didn't work for us that don't have air condition at home. Hot weather makes the diaper to moist thus causing the rashes. Since then we started Gaby's potty training. 

I know it's not easy as one, two, three. It's a long training that requires tones of patience and laundry task. Because it won't happen overtime. But mothers patience has long been tested since we gave birth to our child. Here's what we are doing up until now. 

  • Bring her inside the toilet every after and before bedtime. Set a certain time for them to pee at night. (This is the hardest part, since you need to wake them up just to pee. Gaby is always crying when I'm doing this. ) During their waking hours, let them pee every two hours. When doing that make a swish sound. I no longer make a swish sound because she doesn't seem to like it. I just turn on the faucet and it's our cue. 
  • When pooping, make a sound as well. You will eventually notice their facial expression changes when they want to poop. Bringing them inside the toilet when you're pooping will also help, this gives them an impression.